There has been a settlement at Sutton Barton since Domesday, but the barns you see today were built in the 18th Century.

The large main barn was originally used for the storage and threshing of corn. Today, this has become an impressive entertaining space perfect for hosting a wedding ceremony, dining and dancing or live entertainment.

The Loft

Once a storage area now an excellent vantage point

The loft area above the main barn served as the storage area for sacks of corn. But now this area is where you’ll find our guests taking advantage of the relaxed, comfortable seating, while watching the celebrations continue from their galleried vantage point .


Our waterwheel

Outside, the cow shed that was on the open side of the courtyard has long since disappeared; its approximate position now marked by the flower border. The waterwheel powered the mill that ground the corn – the water was diverted from the leat under the barn into the water pit. Our neighbour kindly re-created the original water wheel to create a nostalgic focal point in the courtyard.

The Linhay

Tranformation from an animal barn to a bar

Animals were kept in the lower floor of the Linhay, adjacent to the main barn, with the hay and straw for their fodder and bedding stored on the upper floor (an 18th century labour-saving arrangement!). In the present day, the Linhay is home to our bar and serves as the perfect setting for your welcome drinks.

Renovation Project

Restoring the barn to its former glory

In the years following the mechanisation of the farming industry the barns became increasingly redundant and served no real practical use to the running of the farm. Our aim was to completely renovate the barn complex, restoring them to their former glory. With the aid of RDPE funding (Rural Development Programme for England) we commenced the renovation project in February 2010 and completed it, on schedule, at the end of August in the same year.

Local Materials

We make use of local materials from the farm and local woodlands

The use of local materials to sympathetically modernise our special buildings was an incredibly important factor for us – especially the wood. All wood was either sourced off the farm, or from local woodlands. Local craftsmen, with great skill and understanding of the needs of the barn, then created the stairs, the bar and many other features.  A 17th Century window frame which was being used as a doorway has been restored to its original use and now graces the far wall of the main barn, creating a charming, understated feature.

Our Barn...

A new lease of life

The use of underfloor heating, using waste material and wood and the use of PV cells, ensures the barns and your event have a low impact on the environment.

 We are very proud of what we have achieved, breathing new life in to otherwise redundant, historic farm buildings and enabling us to share our unique venue with guests from far and wide.