Our Eco-Credentials

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Loyal to our rural roots and with a strong environmental ethic, we work hard to do as much as we can to support the ecology and natural world around us.


Wood was generally sources off the farm, or from local woodlands.

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We like to support charities in a number of different ways, from hosting to direct donations


For improved energy efficiency, we have installed photovoltaic (PV) cells on the barn, heating is run from our waste-filled biomass boiler.

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Electric lighting is provided with low energy LED bulbs and the wood-burning stoves are fed using logs from the farm – even the barn curtains were woven a few miles away using wool from our own sheep.

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Our cider orchard provides some of the apples that are used to produce the delicious Thatcher’s cider that we have on tap in the bar – well worth a try!


We are passionate about maintaining a healthy environment and work hard to farm in sustainable methods. Running several environmental schemes on the farm, which has helped us plant hedges and create and maintain habitats for wildlife