About Us

We (Ian and Yta Batchelor) have four children who enjoy playing and helping on our small family-run mixed organic farm. Between us we run the Corn Barn, and contact is with ourselves. On the day we have a happy group of local staff helping to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

On the farm we have a new cider apple orchard  growing apples for Thatchers Cider, so we have the apples on the farm and the cider on tap in the barn! We also have an area of ancient cider trees that produce fruit for speciality scrumpy.

We run some sheep on the farm. The wool of which has been locally spun and woven into curtains for the barn, and have also woven them into a number of other products.

Like many farms we grow grass, cereals and fodder crops.

The abundance of wildlife that surrounds our farm and the Corn Barn is due in no short measure to the way the farm is managed.

Having these beautiful redundant barns converted and brought back to life (with the help of some RDPE funding) has meant that we can also enjoy managing a thoroughly enjoyable business

Ian is also a retained fireman with the local Cullompton Fire Station.